September Report from the Board

Fall is in the air with cooler nights and shorter days, and the bounty of summer is filling our produce area. Autumn is one of my favourite times to shop at Karma, and I invite you to come in and fill your basket with the season’s freshest apples, squash, and cooler-weather greens.

September is also when Karma’s Board prepares to welcome newly elected Board members to join us following our October 19th AGM. This past year has been one of remarkable change, growth, and development for our food co-op.  The combined efforts of all the hardworking staff and Board of Directors has made this possible. The leadership and energy of Kristy Van Beek, Karma’s President for the last two years, should be celebrated. She has led us with warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence and passion. 

Last year, when a few of us were considering joining Kristy and Karma’s 2019-20 Board, we couldn’t foresee it would also be the year we would fundamentally reimagine how we shopped at Karma. Thank you, Kristy, fellow Board members, and our General Manager, Talia, for your tremendous work this past year! And thank you Karma members, shoppers, and staff for supporting us all through so much change.